Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Been futzing a lot with my archives and archive template. I finally managed to make my archives reappear, but only after I changed my template temporarily, then changed it back. Unfortunately, when I changed back to my original template (I had saved the html code in another document - a good idea for those of you who have to do this, so you don't lose anything) it didn't change my archive template, so I have this other weird template for archive stuff. I'm trying to sort it out and get it back to normal. But now at least if you want to read my wisdom from days gone by, you can.

That stomach problem I had yesterday really ruined the day. I only ate some rice for lunch, and still when I got home last night I had really bad stomach pain. Around 10:30 I ate some buttered noodles, and I finally got to sleep around 12. Woke up this morning really tired and dehydrated, but without stomach pains. I think I will take it really easy on the food today, just in case. Really all I want to do is crawl back under the covers, but I didn't want to use another sick day. I figure I may need those later.

One of my headhunters is sending my portfolio out today, which I am pleased about. Then I have to get it back so I can bring it to the other agency that wants it. I feel sort of bad about wanting to leave here, because honestly it is a pleasant place with good people, but I am so bored with the work and lack thereof that some days I think I might actually chew my own arm off. And then I would be at a serious disadvantage when it came to writing, so I must go.

I finished most of the components of my hat last night, even though I didn't make it to Stitch-n-Bitch because of the aforementioned stomach pains. Now I just have to figure out how to put it all together and get it to Staceyjoy on time. Well, the second part is easy. The first is more confusing, as I had to change my plan a bit when I realized it was sort of stupid and unrealistic.

Would you believe I haven't finished weaving in the ends of the Moo blankie yet? I am trying to pass it off as superstition (wait until the baby is actually born healthy before I finish) rather than laziness. Is it working? I did get several good suggestions from the Knitlist (yes, they do occasionally talk about knitting, when carpal tunnel and cats eating wool become boring to all) about how to keep the dye from running from the black to the ivory when I wash it. And several people said they have used the same yarn and colors without problem, so my confidence level is much higher now.

On the wedding front, nothing much new. People are so amazed when I tell them my wedding is June 15th and I have already booked the location/caterer, band, rabbi, photographer/video, decided on bridesmaid colors and bought my dress. Well, what's the point in putting all that off and having to settle for choices that are less than what you want? Still, it's uncomfortable when people look at me like I am some anal-retentive psycho-bride. Then again, anyone who's done it themselves generally understands and doesn't do that.

I am babbling. Yeah, that's what you're here for, but this might be even too much for you. Done!

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