Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Once again, work has slowed to a crawl and I am spending my days reading blogs and wedding stuff. I have put it to some advantage and gotten some stuff done like booking a rabbi for my wedding. That is a big relief. He married my friends 2 years ago and I really liked him - he's very nice, great sense of humor, and seems to understand the needs of a Jewish-Athiest couple. While I'm on the topic, thanks to everyone who wrote me about their thoughts/experiences in this area. Very helpful! I haven't written back individually but I will get to it.

Did some knitting on my super-secret hat last night. It will be less super-secret when I go to Stitch-n-Bitch tonight, as it will require some explaining when people see what I am knitting. But I will keep it quiet here just for fun until I send it to Staceyjoy.

Can't believe how bored I am here at work. I should believe it, as it has been a regular thing, but I still can't. Luckily I have three job leads who all want to see my portfolio, so hopefully one will pan out. One in particular sounds good as it is an interesting company, still pharmaceutical work but consumer-targeted, rather than professional (doctor)-targeted. Plus they are in a great neighborhood which would take about 20 minutes off my commute by the time I move to Brooklyn. Cross your fingers, everyone!

Other than that, what else to tell? I'm super-sleepy today and my stomach isn't very happy. But I will most likely survive. :-)

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