Thursday, September 26, 2002

I sit here at my desk this morning with straight hair again. My straightening iron (purchased on eBay for way less than the retail price) came yesterday and I couldn't resist trying it out right away. Not bad! I got kudos from the girls here at work, and I am sure I will get even better at it as I get used to it. Of course, it started to rain on my way to work and you would've thought I was the wicked witch of the west, I whipped out my umbrella so fast!

The rain also gave me a chance to wear my cute new raincoat, which I got over the weekend in the "happy red" color. Who could resist? I still have my big London Fog trenchcoat with the wool lining for serious rain, but this makes me feel way cuter, and isn't that important on a rainy day? What I really want are these boots - the ones with the clouds on them are my favorites. Unfortunately the online store they refer to - - does not seem to exist. Going to do some research on this one, as I do believe cute rain boots will really improve my world. Please nobody mention to me that we're in the midst of a drought.

Had a wedding nightmare last night. In the dream, for some unknown reason, we were getting married very suddenly - either that or I had slacked off completely and it was already June and nothing was done. Everyone was there, but unprepared in some way. And my hair was a big rat's nest, and no one was there to help me fix it up. Suddenly they started telling me that it was time to walk down the aisle, and I was sitting there trying to figure out how the fuck to put my tiara and veil on, and my dress was wrinkley and I had no makeup on, while the photographer was snapping away. Yipes! As you all know, this is highly unlikely to happen to me.

Stomach is still not very happy. She's better than the past few days, but still very touchy. I had buttered noodles for dinner last night, just to keep her calm. I think I will blame her for the aforementioned nightmare.

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