Monday, September 23, 2002

Another Monday - the first one of Autumn. It felt like it, too, waiting for the bus this morning. The thermometer said 70 degrees, but it was overcast and so windy that I huddled against Ryan until the bus showed up and we parted ways for the day. It's supposed to warm up later, so maybe summer hasn't totally abandoned me!

As a knitter, I should welcome the return of cold weather. While knitting sleeveless tops is fun and quick, everyone knows knitting is all about warm cuddly woolies. Alas, I am a summer girl, and this time of year fills me with melancholy. Seeing the summer end is always like watching a dear friend leave town, not to be seen again for many long months. I think knitting is my consolation prize.

I do love watching the leaves change, and the feeling of snuggling up in a big squishy sweater, but that only carries me through mid-Autumn. By the time Christmas passes, I just want Spring to hurry on up. By February I am trying to fool myself into believing that it's a short month, and March will bring warmer weather. As if.

Of course there are many bright spots to look forward to. We're traveling up to my alma mater in October for Homecoming and a 10-year reunion with a bunch of my roommates. Later that month my brother will be in town and we're going to see Rush at Madison Square Garden, a show I am immensely looking forward to. Then there's Thanksgiving, and who can argue with turkey and all the accompaniments? And just when things are getting freezie up here, we're going to Hawaii to stay at Kristy and Tom's house (sister-in-law-to-be and her fiance) for a week at Christmas.

Then there's that long stretch from New Year's to Spring. Ack.

I'm also pretty anxious right now because we haven't yet sold Ryan's apartment, and my lease ends November 30th. So I think I am going to end up being faced with either moving into a new place that will suck up a giant chunk of income until we sell, or (b) put 90 percent of my stuff in storage and stay with Ryan at his place until we sell. Oh yeah, those are great options. Hopefully we will at least have a buyer by then and just be awaiting a closing date, so none of those will be long-term options, but either way it's going to cost me. Whee.

OK, gotta throw everyone a bone, because this is something of a downer entry. Funny, because I am not really all that down today - this is just what's on my mind. I had some fun last night - Ryan asked me to show him how to knit. So I gave him some big needles and bulky wool, grabbed some myself, and taught him how to do the single-needle cast on (the one I learned first) and how to knit continental style and purl betsy-ized continental style. I've never taught anyone to knit before, so I am sure there was a better way than I did, but he kind of got it. As with any other beginner, he had trouble with his hands, ended up slipping a lot of stitches without knitting them, and the stitches he did make were tighter than Jesse Helms' butt, but he did get the idea. And I think he enjoyed it, despite the hand cramps. And now has a new appreciation for my knitting - not that he really needed it!

Other fun weekend stuff included another marathon afternoon registering for wedding gifts at Bloomie's, and a trip to an open house at Urban Glass with a friend of mine from work and his girlfriend. The glass stuff was really neat - I especially liked the beadmaking demonstration. Pretty colors and slightly more manageable than those giant glassblowing rods. I'd love to learn how to do that sometime in the future when time/money permit.

Oh, and to all interested parties - reports of the demise of our Jewish wedding are greatly exaggerated. All appears well these days. Thanks. :-)

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