Thursday, April 25, 2002

Didn't knit much last night - maybe 10 rows during (how embarrassing this is to admit) Felicity. I only started watching this show during this past Fall, when Ryan had a lot of night classes, and I didn't have much else to do, being unemployed and kind of lazy at the time. Of course I got hooked on the show during its last season. I wish my curly hair looked as pretty as hers when it was long. Of course, with all those stylists, it probably would.

Speaking of hair, this growing it out is such an adventure. Every couple of weeks I need to try something slightly different, because it gets a teensy bit longer and won't behave. After nearly 6 years of short short short hair, it's both fun and irritating, depending on the time of day. One of these days I'll get around to posting pics of the progress. I realized I don't have any current pics of myself here. It started out intentional, to preserve my privacy. Now I guess I don't mind the idea so much. It was sort of funny that when I met Carolyn the other night she was pretty much expecting a cute four-year-old.

Still suffering from sour-patch-tongue. And yes, the fruits are very much like the sour patch kids, just different shapes. I hadn't had them in ages, and now I remember why. I love sour tastes, and I OD on these things whenever I get my hands on them. Now I have half a bag sitting in my desk drawer, taunting me.

In the extremely odd knitted thing category, let me present the knitted thong. I love the part about suggested decorations. Can this possibly be comfortable? Someone on eBay has taken it a step further. Sorry ladies - the bidding is closed!

Network seems slower than usual here at the office. Ugh. It's somehow sad when your internet connection at home (RoadRunner - say what you want about Time Warner, but the cable modem speeds are amazing) is faster and more stable than what you have at work.

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