Friday, April 26, 2002

So, apparently people think I should do some work here. The nerve! Had a busy morning, running around, working on some more ad concepts, etc. I've only just now settled back in my office for a bit while I wait for something that's going to come my way to sign off on. We have a piece going to the client tonight, so I really hope I don't get stuck here late. Friday is the worst day to work late, of course. Especially after sitting on my butt most of the week doing very little of anything.

I'm very excited - if the weather is nice enough tomorrow (and it seems like it will be), we're going to the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. This will make three years in a row that we have gone to this together, so it's kind of a special place for us. It's an absolutely beautiful sight to see all the cherry trees in bloom - just like fluffy pink clouds overhead.

The IFS (Infamous Frogged Sleeve) has been conquered! Hallelujah! Now all there is left to do is sew that onto the other half (which is already sewn) of the cardigan, then do the neckband and button band. Could get at least partially done over the weekend, depending on how efficient I am. Saturday we're doing the festival, but Sunday we've decided to clean our respective apartments. If I get that done quickly enough, I will have some time for the sweater.

On second thought, don't count on it. There's major work to be done in them thar hills. I think it's safe to swap out the winter and summer clothes from the cedar chest, or at least put away the extreme winter stuff and take out the moderate spring stuff. Either way, that takes a while and always makes the place much worse before it gets better. Plus I want to reorganize some cabinets, etc. I guess it's "spring cleaning" time. Hate doing it, but love having it done.

I need to mention how sad I am that Carolyn is moving back west. I didn't want to say anything earlier, but she mentioned this on Tuesday at Stitch-n-Bitch. How sad, that my brand-new-friend is leaving so soon! I would have missed knowing she's in NYC before, but now that we've met in person, I will miss her actual presence. But at least we'll always be able to read her entertaining and informative prose at Dangerous Chunky.

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