Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Well, the Stitch-n-Bitch was so fun last night! I finally got to meet the famous Carolyn (who appears to be neither dangerous nor chunky in person!) as well as many other nice knitters, including Jackie, who has just started her own blog. (And now has been "outed" for it twice today!)

It was an unusual gathering because there was a team there from the CBS Early Show, filming the group for a segment on how "hip" knitting has become. Apparently my pale face frightened the camera folks away, so you probably won't see much of me, Carolyn or Jackie on TV. But we were all mesmerized by reporter Julie Chen's perfectly glossed lips. Check it out on May 2nd and see for yourself!

Got some work done on the infamous frogged sleeve. Though I did get distracted and have to frog several rows because I increased too much, I did make good progress amidst all the excitement.

This mornng, while trying to figure out what happened to my FedEx from Martha's Flowers (I will tell that irritating story some other time), I took a few more pics. I haven't yet figured out how to do little pop-up windows (actually I haven't tried yet, so there!) so you'll have to bear with me. First, you've got the completed back and not-completed front of the Mom sweater. Since it's hard to see the fabric, I got a little closer and got a halfway decent close-up. Once I finish my cardigan this will get back on the front burner. In the meantime, it's living in the adorable little silk bag I picked up for 15 bucks at the Alexia Crawford sample sale a few weeks ago.

I also got a pic of my Regia sock, which is definitely work-in-progress. I haven't read much past the directions that tell me to knit like 6 inches of ribbing, so I don't know what lies ahead as far as turning the heel, etc. My plan right now is to try and figure it out, but if it isn't crystal clear, I'll bring it to Stitch-n-Bitch and get expert help. "Winging it" has worked on some projects in the past, but I have a feeling it's a bad idea for socks.

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