Monday, April 22, 2002

OK, I've done my civic duty. I wandered over to chat with my boss, and remind him that I'm here and not very busy. I have reading I can do for my new project, and some ad concepts to work on for Thursday, but not much else. He told me yeah, he knows, and it's just one of those quiet times and I should enjoy it, bill my time to the jobs I have, and get out of here at 5 without looking back. I feel better now, knowing that it's not like I am missing something and could really be doing tons of work that I am ignoring.

That said, I should try and write some of these ads and look up some of the references for the new project. But without any time pressure, it's so easy to put it off until tomorrow. Not to mention it's really boring. And not to mention the ads are for a client I know next-to-nothing about, and there's no project brief or anything - just a one-sentence "promise" that the ads are supposed to be based upon. Gee, thanks.

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