Thursday, April 04, 2002

Have you ever had a weird sensation that bugs were crawling on you and gotten freaked out even though you could see there were no bugs? Welcome to my morning! About 5:15am I had the distinct sensation that there were bugs on my legs - not a lot, just scattered ones. I flung the covers off, and of course nothing was there. But then it was very bright in the room (gotta got some blinds to go behind those sheer curtains!) and I was all adreneline-pumped, so I sort of dozed in and out of sleep for the next 2 hours until I needed to actually get up and shower. Yuk. I occasionally see a roach in my apartment (though never in my bed!) so I had awful visions of roaches crawling everywhere... I'll stop now.

Very sunny but chilly today. I wish Spring would just decide to stay instead of teasing us like it did yesterday, with 70 degree days. I know it's only April, and it was a mild winter, but I am craving some warm weather! This is nothing new - I'm just not a cold weather girl.

Got a few more rows done on the Mom sweater last night, and brought it with me so I can KIP on the subway when I go to Ryan's tonight. First time since I started working here (1 month ago) that I am going to spend a weeknight down at his place. He's in Brooklyn Heights. It's only about 20-30 minutes (depending on your luck with catching the train) door to door from his place to mine. But from his place to my office, it's closer to 45 minutes door to door. Whereas from my place I hop on a bus and am here in 15-20. But, I am being nice and trying not to be so spoiled about my commute. We're going for sushi tonight, too, which sweetens the deal!

I'm also going to try to make it to the TSE Cashmere sample sale today or tomorrow. The friend I usually go with went yesterday and said there were some good things I'd probably like. Prices are generally less than buying the yarn, and I don't know that I am quite ready to experiment with cashmere yet. I think I will go for the instant gratification and call it knitting inspiration!

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