Tuesday, April 02, 2002

More work done last night on the Mom sweater. A few rows on the subway, a few while chatting on the phone (I highly recommend a phone headset if you like to do this) and I'm up to the armhole shaping. This is going awfully quickly. Probably because it's just straight stockinette. The last sweater I made for myself (also the first adult sweater I made) was in a 1 x 2 rib and it just seemed to take forever. Eventually I'll have to start doing cables and stuff. I've done them as swatches, just never as a garment.

Lots of work to do today. Little motivation. It's sunny and warmer and spring is springing here in NYC. All I want to do is play! Not good, since I've only been working here a month. I guess I will have to wait and slack off later.

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