Friday, April 05, 2002

Well, things are picking up a bit. My boss said once the rest of the presentation boards are OK for copy and just have art changes, he'll take over the final sign-off so I can get out of here. That could be in the next hour or so if I am lucky. Cross your fingies everyone!

Also, sweetie called to apologize for the morning's argument. I was glad because I was still pretty sure that I hadn't said anything SO out of line (maybe on the border) to provoke such a reaction from him as I got. We both are just under stress and you know how it goes. Anyway, we're OK.

Now that I'm feeling a little better, I realize I forgot the silver lining of last night - I had enough time in between rounds of sign-offs to get the back of the Mom sweater finished! Back and front are exactly the same, so this morning I held it up in front of me to see how it'd look and was very pleased. It's going to be tough to give it away, I think! But Mom will appreciate it. The neckline on this is so pretty I am starting to think it would like nice as a sleeveless sweater, too. We'll see how much yarn I have left over. :-)

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