Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Since I had SO many extra-nice comments while I was gone (thanks, guys!) that I figured I'd just post an update. I'm back from Philly, and I decided on the Ginger tank for the train. And yes, Jackie, my plan is to wear it as a twin set. Ginger and Honey seem to go together. The train rides were very comfy and convenient - Amtrak has improved since I last took the train anywhere (4-5 years I guess). I got this much done:

The conference itself was interesting but very tedious, and I took about 15 pages of notes on my colleagues laptop, which I have to turn into a summary tomorrow. Fun fun fun. I'd rather be knitting.

OK, where is that boy? He went to some industry cocktail party and was going to have left 10 minutes ago. I am starving! FEED MEEE!

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