Monday, May 20, 2002

Wow, is it Monday already? I suppose it is. I also suppose it is March, and that's why I am wearing this turtleneck? What is up with the weather? 95 degrees in April, then 48 in May.

I achieved a goal yesterday at the 9th Avenue Food Fair: I tasted a deep-fried oreo cookie! I have been wanting one ever since reading about them on Jenny's blog. If you've never tried them - yum! Take an oreo cookie, dip it into funnel cake batter, then drop it in hot oil. A lovely experience, captured in pixels (doesn't quite have the ring as "caught on film," eh?):

In addition to the oreo bliss, Ryan and I had the fun of running into Jackie and Marney along the way! I realized too late that we should have taken a picture, but the camera was in the bag, forgotten, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Working backwards on the weekend, I managed to finish the first sleeve of Mom's sweater, and we spent a few hours at the MoMA. That almost didn't happen, as when we got the museum, there were about 300 people on line outside to buy tickets. We walked into the lobby to assess the situation, and when we looked through the glass, we saw Carla standing outside. Turns out she has a friend at the museum, so she wandered in, got us free tickets, and we sauntered past the line. Oh I love it when things like that happen! It was terribly crowded inside, so we didn't stay too long, but it was nice to see some of the Richter exhibit as well as the "greatest hits" from the permanent collection before it all moves to Queens for three years.

OK, I am all over the place chronologically, but jumping back to Sunday night, I was pretty disappointed in the finale of "The X-Files." It gave a good rundown of the story and some answers and clarifications, but I felt the drama and emotion were sorely lacking and the direction was really flat. A letdown for me, since I have been a big fan for years, and have seen every episode, even had most on tape until a season or two ago. I guess it really was just time for it to end. I know Chris Carter has talked about going the "Star Trek" route and doing movies from here on in, but I don't know if I see that happening, or if they'd even be compelling at this point. He really messed with the story too much in the past two seasons, and got away from the original feeling of the show. It pains me to say that. There was a time when I loved the show so much I couldn't bear any criticism of it at all.

Well, I've bent your ears (eyes?) long enough here. I suppose I will go do some work!

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