Friday, June 28, 2002

Can we spell "dork"? I think it starts with Betsy. I packed up all my "7 things" packages and mailed them at the post office this morning, but I forgot to pick up the registered letter that I have had sitting there for a week. (I know what it is and it's not too time sensitive. Argh! It's only 5 blocks away, but it's not like I have all day to run errands. I guess I'll go back a bit later, after I pick up my dry cleaning, pack, and have something to eat.

Our flight is at 6:05 from Newark, so we decided to take NJ Transit to the AirTrain rather than sit in traffic in a cab or car service. It's apparently only 20 minutes from Penn Station to the airport, and then a few more on the monorail inside the airport, and friends of friends have given it good reviews. Even though it means cabbing up to Penn with my luggage around 2:30, anything is better than getting stuck in weekend Jersey Shore-bound traffic and worrying about missing our flight.

I am mostly prepared, though not packed. I just bought a whole bunch of travel sized stuff, plus earplugs and travel wristbands (I don't get motion sick all the time, but I figured it can't hurt). Actually I got the wristbands because one of you knitters mentioned they really worked on your blog - thanks, whoever it was! Small problem - I don't seem to have a size 6 bamboo circ to replace the Addis that my boat neck is currently on. Hmmm. We'll tackle that issue later.

Not sure if I will get to post again before I go, so I will say goodbye now, and wish everyone a very happy two weeks! Do stop in once in a while - I'll probably have a chance to add some updates from the road, and you wouldn't want to miss those, would you?!

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