Thursday, June 27, 2002

Very busy and tense this morning. I sort of screwed something up yesterday - missed an internal deadline, and my boss and the lead writer on this project weren't really thrilled about it. No big deal, as it was a totally artificial deadline that had zero to do with the project going to the client, but it wasn't fun, either. I sort of misunderstood what was expected as far as the timing, and sort of spaced - maybe 50-50 on each. Anyway, I stuck around an extra hour and a half to finish it up and had it ready for 9 a.m. today. And everyone's acting fine, so I don't think I did any real damage.

Except to my sleep, since I tak these things really hard. I don't think I've ever missed a deadline before, so I was totally mortified and felt like a big jerk. And I couldn't articulate very well what had happened, so I felt like I either looked (a) lazy or (b) disorganized or (c) incompetent. Now, I'm sure no one else took it as seriously as all that, but I did. Had to get a back rub from Ryan AND take a bath with Gloomaway (another great birthday gift from that sweet boy!) in order to shake it even halfway off. Yes, I'm a bit high-strung. Particularly right before vacation.

Tonight, Mom and Dad are coming to get the kitty, who I will miss terribly. But I'll be much happier knowing she is frolicking at their house than I would be if she were at my place all alone for so much of the time. After that, I need to get packing. I'm going to do my absolute best to bring as few clothes as possible, and only stuff that can be worn in various combinations (except for a few lightweight silk dresses that take up almost no room). Even if I have to leave something cute at home, I am going to be a good packer!

Didn't get any work done on the melon boatneck since yesterday. Still debating the knitting-in-air thing, but I think I have it down to this: I will bring a larger-than-usual purse, one that can hold my reading material, as well as the green carry-on overnighter that came with my luggage. So if they won't allow the knitting, I can check it through in the overnighter, but still put my reading and other in-flight essentials in the purse. If worse comes to worse, at least maybe I can knit at the airport while we wait.

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