Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Yet another morning when I woke up before the alarm. 6:55 today. Of course, heaven forbids that I should use that extra time wisely and productively. I thought about coming into work early, but that didn't happen. I think the problem is that since I am not all happy and rested when I wake up early, I just don't have any motivation to do anything but laze around. Maybe my vacation will fix this. Then again, when I return, I will be so temporally challenged that anything could happen.

Totally blew my knitting plans last night. After getting a pedicure (with little flowers on my big toes!) and some other girlie stuff done at Bliss, I wandered through a few stores and arrived home around 8:30. Then my friend Paul started IMing me and talked me into going out for ice cream with him. We sat and chatted in the park by my house for about an hour, because it was such a nice night to be outside, and when I got home I didn't do much other than wash up, talk to Ryan, and go to sleep.

I am still debating the whole stripes thing on this tank and what to do with the top. After measuring some other tanks I like, I decided to shorten the length to the armhole to around 13", rather then the 15 in the pattern. And now I am looking at the amount of orange yarn I have left and wondering whether I might actually be able to go all stripey or still have to do the solid top or some other variation. You'd think this was brain surgery. I decided to just throw all the orange I have into my bag and see what others think at Stitch-n-Bitch tonight. Lucky for me, this is a very sturdy yarn that hasn't a care in the world about being frogged multiple times!

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