Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Oh I am having SUCH a frustrating day I could just SCREAM! Actually I compensated by closing the door and throwing my moisturizer bottle at it. I am so violent.

The account manager on the account that I am supposed to be the lead writer on is a nut. This is the same lady I went to Philadelphia with. Long story short, I discussed some of the issues with my boss a few weeks ago, because she was so unexpectedly rude to me that I felt I couldn't talk to her. He told me many people have had issues with her, and that he had already discussed it with her boss, but would do so again. (Now, this woman actually badmouthed said boss at the end of our Friday meeting, in front of several other colleagues, including people who've worked with him for years, as opposed to the 5 months or so that she has been here. She followed that up with "we know that all of that stays in this room" - can we spell stupid?!).

Anyway, somehow, she has the impression that I am at fault now, because I didn't go directly to her (after she sent me rude emails, spoke to me rudely and hung up the phone on me and never apologized for any of it). I think she has gotten the idea that I am the weakest antelope in the herd, so she can take her anger and frustration out on me and it'll be OK. Ugh. In some ways she's right - I hate to "fight" and generally try and avoid the confrontation.

Anyway, this has given me a big headache today. And of course we have a meeting with her in an hour to go over some project stuff. Fine, whatever - if she wants to be the nasty one and make it out like it's actually me, I just refuse to participate in the game. Going to go about my business, get my work done, and save every nasty email or comment in case I need them later. Oh how fun it isn't.

Hmm, how many working hours left before vacation? Let's see, about 20, total. How bad can 20 hours be, right?

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