Monday, July 29, 2002

Email this morning from Amazon tells me they have shipped my Vogue Knitting book! The very odd thing is that the UPS tracking says billing information was received on July 27th, which makes sense, and that the package shipped on August 4th. Now, tell me if I am wrong, but I think the fact that today is July 28th means that August 4th hasn't actually happened yet, no? So, how in the world could they have shipped it then? Does it mean they are holding the package until August 4th? It all makes no sense. I will check it again later and see if it still says the same thing.

Other than that, it's a dull Monday. I had a fun weekend but am still so tired, and I wish I could just take a day off and do nothing. Tempted to call in sick, but I am covering for Bill, who is on vacation, and it probably wouldn't be a good idea. Of course, the pile of laundry at home isn't a good idea either. I have to be at Bliss tonight at 6pm, but it's not for anything so blissful, and by the time I get home everyone in the building will likely be doing their laundry. Vanessa's suggestion is to just this once send my laundry out. Twenty bucks and no hassle. It's awfully tempting, but I've never done it. We shall see.

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