Thursday, August 01, 2002

So, Rowan has their new fall book on their website now. I didn't want to spoil the fun of receiving it in the mail, but a quick glance showed some nice patterns, and a few possibilities even for the bridesmaid tanks. Joy and Nightfall both fit the bill and are made with Lurex Shimmer, which is a really pretty yarn, and would make a nice dressy look. Of course it also has a gauge of 7.25 stitches per inch, which makes me wonder if I will want to shoot myself halfway through this undertaking. There's also a question of color and whether there's one that fits the bill. Hard to tell from the site, especially with the sparkly stuff. Maybe I'll brave the heat and humidity and wander over to Yarn Connection at lunchtime.

Rowan also has their free pattern of the month up for August. Unfortunately, it's another friggin blanket. I think it was a blanket two months ago, and last month it was a crocheted jacket. Very pretty, but crochet is not my forte. Frustrating - I haven't found a single one of those that I want to make since I joined in June. Maybe September will be better.

I'm also looking for a nice cardigan to make for Diana (maid of honor) for her birthday September 16th. Preferably something that's not going to take too much time - probably chunky or bulky weight. This cardigan from Rebecca might fit the bill. I'm also open to suggestions! I should probably start this one in the next few weeks, which will mean taking a break from the Moo blanket. Then again, the chance of actually seeing Diana on her birthday is slim. Hmm, actually it appears to be a Monday and since she's working in the city these days, I guess it's not so out of the question. We'll see.

Sent off my contract and large deposit check with the boy to send certified mail to the Palm House. Yay! I spoke to a second person there yesterday with a few questions, and she gave me some recommendations for florists, bands and a photographer that they like. We weren't all that impressed with the photographer - nice work, but not terribly interesting. So, we're investigating on our own, with a few recommendations from other people. We both like the work we've seen here, particularly Joel and Terise. One of the florists is located right around the corner from Ryan's place, so I think we'll visit them sometime soon. And I will check out the bands she mentioned, but also want to talk to the band that played my cousin Jill's wedding several years back. I remember them being fantastic.

We've also got to find someone to do that little thing called the ceremony. This should be fun. We want to have a "modern Jewish, easy on the God" ceremony. My mother really wants a chuppah and a rabbi, and I sort of do, too, even though none of us is particularly religious. Of course, Ryan is not Jewish and not religious at all, but he says he is OK with that as long as it doesn't get heavily religious. I agree. My friend Wendy had a Jewish-Indian wedding a year and a half ago, and I remember that being fairly mellow, so I ought to check with her about her rabbi. Or maybe we won't go with a rabbi at all, and instead have a cantor. They are allowed to do wedding ceremonies and tend to be more flexible, from what I have read.

Oh, and good news - my boss, true to his kind self, told me he is going to try and let me make up my missed Summer Friday on August 16th. Of course if we are swamped, it won't happen, but it will probably be OK. That would give me every Friday (except tomorrow) off for the month of August. Yay!

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