Friday, August 02, 2002

Someone here at work just told me about the NYC Rejection Line - 212.479.7990. It is so worth the call, even if you're calling long distance. You can get the text online, but hearing it in person is way funnier.

It's been a nice morning so far. I am back to working on the Melon boatneck, and am a few inches into the armholes now. I was working on it on the bus this morning when the lady sitting next to me told me I was a good knitter. She was from Sweden and has done lots of knitting in her time, so it was a fun little chat until I had to get off the bus.

Then I saw a sight that really made me wish I had my camera on me. A trash can filled with bunches of yarrow flowers. There were a few coffee cups and ice cream wrappers amidst the flowers, which led to comment that it was the oddest floral arrangement I'd seen yet. Unfortunately the only person to hear me was some little snotty twenty-ish girl who looked at me like I was a nut.

Had a nice message from my boss this morning, thanking me for working on so many different projects, and assuring me that my contributions were not going unnoticed. That was so in character for him, yet so pleasantly surprising to hear on a Friday morning, especially when he is not even in the office today. Here I have been feeling like kind of a loser at work because I am sort of pitching in here and there and not "owning" anything. I guess it's good because I've gotten to work with a lot of different people within the agency, and apparently they all think I do good work. Definitely a plus.

So happy it's Friday. And a quiet one, to boot. Vanessa and I may be able to get out of here at 4, she says. Vanessa's slightly senior to me in our group, so if she says let's go, we can go. She's also extremely cool and fun.

Managed to book an appointment with the photographer we're most interested in, Joel Greenberg. His work looks really interesting from the website - a nice mix of portraits, photojournalism and artistic work. A friend here at work, Kate, recommended him because her friend was working with him and was very pleased. He is available on the big day, so we're very pleased. Apparently they also have an early booking incentive, which includes engagement photos and web hosting for free. Neato! I never thought about an engagement photo, but if they shoot it for free, why not, right?

The weekend is shaping up nicely. I'm taking the first half of tomorrow to clean the apartment, etc. And then we're going out to LI to see Peter, Paul and Mary at the Westbury Music Fair with my parents. I think they may be the one musical group that we all like. It turns out that Ryan's parents listened to them a lot when he was little, and so did mine, so we all have a special feeling about the music. It's especially nice to see them at the Music Fair. It's close to home for all of them, and there's a really special tradition where all the little kids in the audience bring flowers up on stage when they sing "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" It's very sweet to see people who've grown up on the music bring their little ones, too. Maybe someday...

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