Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Really hating work today. This account person (who I mentioned a while back) is so unbalanced. I don't mean she's just a bitch (she is that, too) - I mean that she seriously appears to have a mental illness. For one thing, a pathological inability to believe or admit that she is wrong about anything. I mean this to the extreme. She has been insisting that there is no space between two parts of a disease name that one of our client's products is meant to treat. Absolutely insists that the three letters and the one roman numeral all run together with no space. The writer pointed out (in private) that the website and all other materials show it as three letters, space, roman numeral. Her response? "Oh, maybe that's how they do it on promotional materials, but really there is no space." OK, so they would put a wrong spelling on promo materials why? Jeez!

Enough of that.

I had a good time at Stitch-n-Bitch last night, despite the terrible fumes coming from the recently-refinished wood floor. I was really pleased to meet Annie Modesitt, whose blog I have been admiring lately. She was wearing the most gorgeous knitted lace hat with a big wide brim. SO pretty! I got to thinking after I got home that it might be really neat to make one of those to wear on my honeymoon, if it's the kind of thing that wouldn't get totally trashed by the trip out there. I've got my heart set on the veil and tiara thing (come on folks, it's the ONE day in your life that you can wear a tiara and get away with it no questions asked!), otherwise I'd think about it for the wedding. I'll have to check in with her and see what she thinks about it's travel-worthiness.

I was a silly girl and didn't bring an extra ball of the ivory yarn for the Moo blankie, so once I finished what I had with me, it was either go home or sit and weave in ends. Eeew. I chose the weaving, and at least that chore is done for a while. I try and keep up with them because there are a lot of color changes, but I just hate weaving ends. I start getting all antsy after just a few. I don't mind sewing things up, but I HATE weaving in the ends!

On the wedding front, I have to start working on finding someone to marry us. I am sweating this a bit, because I am Jewish, he is not, but we are planning to have a Jewish ceremony, as long as it doesn't get too deeply religious. Many people have reassured me that I am not being hypocritical by wanting this, and I know I have been to many interfaith weddings where a rabbi or cantor presided over a semi-traditional Jewish ceremony. But suddenly I am feeling stressed. What if the rabbi I call says I don't "deserve" a Jewish wedding because I'm not observant? I'm not. But culturally I identify myself as Jewish, and I do keep kosher for Passover (though not the rest of the year) and I fast on Yom Kippur. Those things make me feel connected to the Jewish culture at large. I feel very conflicted about my beliefs and desires in this area, and I know the right thing to do is just make the calls until I find someone who will work with us. I have a friend who had a Jewish/Hindu wedding 2 years ago - gotta ask for her rabbi's name.

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