Monday, September 02, 2002

OK, I'm a little grumpy because I wrote a long post, and then due to a blogger error, lost it. Why in the world didn't I do it in Word or something?

I'm also a little grumpy because I am sleepy! We were out late last night with friends, first at dinner, then at two small clubs. The second place was called "Sway" and was really neat. Ryan's friend Chris was in town from Boston, and a friend of his is a party promoter, who told him about this place. Very cool interior - Moroccan-inspired decor, and what seemed like a cool crowd. We were there until almost 3, which explains my sleepiness today! Chris's friend took a picture of us, which was posted on his party promotion website. From the left, there's part of Ryan's face, me, this girl Cathy (Kathy?) who was with us, and Chris.

The earlier part of the weekend was fun, too. Dad and I got rained rained out of the US Open during the day, but still saw some tennis that night. Then on Friday he decided to upgrade our regular nosebleed-seat tickets and paid the difference for amazing seats 6 rows back from the court! We even had a bona fide celebrity siting, with Meredith Viera from "The View" sitting a few rows ahead of us. To appreciate the difference, check out the locale of our usual seats - the big yellow arrow points to the approximate location.

To contrast, the snazzy new seats were right next to the little corridor where the players come out onto the court, so we got to see Gustavo ("Guga") Kuerten being interviewed right before he came out onto the court, which was sort of cool.

The actual game-play view was no less impressive - we were really very close to all the action! Check out Guga's big serve.

In addition to seeing Guga upset #2 seed Marat Safin, we got to see Long Island native Bea Bielik play. She ended up losing her third-round match to Justine Henin, but it was fun to see her play in her first US Open and do so well. She was ranked 1102 in the world before the Open - something tells me that number will rise fast. After the match, she seemed very happy to have been there, and was very gracious about signing autographs for the kids.

Actually, most of the players were good about autographs - I didn't see anyone get turned away. After the Bielik/Henin and Guga/Safin matches, we saw Lindsay Davenport again, and then the day's schedule in Arthur Ashe stadium was done. We headed to the outer courts, and settled in at Louis Armstrong stadium (the next largest) for a while. Though we were easily spoiled by our great seats, Dad was a trooper and was still able to concentrate on the match from higher up.

And so ended another fun, if soggy, trip to the US Open. We got there around 11:30 a.m., and you can see from the final photo that we made the most of the day!

And now that's the end of my attention span. Here I go somewhere else - hope to be more coherent tomorrow!

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