Thursday, September 05, 2002

There I was last night, happily chatting on the phone with my big brother (who said he's going to make a concerted effort to read this blog, so hi Larry!), when I felt it. That telltale tickle in the back of my throat. The tickle that can only mean I'm getting sick. Noooo!!! I popped a zinc lozenge and downed some vitamin C, hoping to ward off the evil virus. I'm still trying, but I have been feeling progressively crappier since last night. Achy, scratchy, queasy - sounds like I'm building my own set of dwarves here.

Oh, add one of the "official" dwarves to that list: Grumpy. Really grumpy. I just want to go back home and climb under the covers, but instead I'm here at work in the freezing cold with my space heater blasting. I was just unnecessarily grumpy to my sweetie, too. Sorry, pookie, if you're reading this.

Despite the crappy feeling, I did manage to get more work done on Moo last night. I am a little past the halfway point! I am going to make a concerted effort to finish this in the next few weeks, as the baby is due in mid-October and I don't want to have that last-minute rush. I also want to get started on my super-secret hat for Staceyjoy's RedLipstick Hat Contest! I obviously won't be sharing the details of that one until it's done and submitted. I will say that it is probably going to be a kiddie-sized hat and it'll be made from Tahki Cotton Classic in various shades. The idea actually came to me on the subway with Ryan on the day I was going to meet the girls out at RedLipstick, the store. I've been excited about it ever since, so I definitely don't want to miss the September 30th deadline.

In other news, I spent $476 on Rush tickets during the internet pre-sale this morning! Yipes! That's for six tickets, and I'm going to get paid back for most of them, but it was pretty daunting to hit "confirm" on ticketmaster. They really rip you off - each ticket is $65, but there are $14 in surcharges tacked on. Bastards! I am really looking forward to the show - it'll be me and Ryan, plus my aforementioned brother, brother's old friend JJ who I used to have a crush on 20 (yipes) years ago, and friend Greg and girlfriend Kym, who we went to the Mets game with a few months ago. October 24th is the date.

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