Friday, September 06, 2002

Wow, I have been a knitting fool today. I am just a few inches short of finishing the Moo blankie, after pretty much knitting all day. I felt too crappy to do much else! It will be nice to finish this so early and not have to worry if the little one pops out ahead of schedule! I won't bother posting a progress pic because I am lazy, but as soon as it's finished, I will certainly do so. Does anyone have any washing/blocking suggestions? It's Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, and the washing instructions say it's machine washable. My only concern is about color bleeding - is there something I can add to the (cold) water to add an extra measure of protection?

I noticed that Julie just bought the same book I picked up last weekend - Vintage Knits. Apparently, we had the same reaction - I want to make SO many things in the book! The cover pattern is particularly adorable, as is the beaded short-sleeved top towards the end. Except I think an all-over beaded top with 900 beads is probably not the best way to start learning that technique!

Ryan is out at a friend's birthday party, which I skipped since I still feel like crap. I have to force myself to stop knitting, because my left wrist is going to fall off soon. Hmm, maybe if I start knitting American style, then my right wrist can pick up the slack for a while?

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