Thursday, April 18, 2002

Finished the right sleeve last night on the lilac "Honey" cardigan. When I was at the Yarn Connection yesterday, I asked the ladies to take a look and see if they thought it was too big, and they said it was fine, that the design probably is for looser sleeves so you can wear a tee or something underneath. I decided I'd buy that reasoning. Plus they measured it and said it was spot-on the pattern, so at least if it is icky, it's not me, it's Rowan!

Cast on the left sleeve last night and got a bunch of rows done before going to bed too late. Did 3 more on the bus this morning. I wasn't sure whether I could knit on the bus, but decided to try after a few stops. Turns out that as long as I only look down when the bus is stopped, I don't get queasy. And since this is NYC morning rush hour traffic, the bus really spends more time stopping than going. I only go 23 blocks, but it takes 15 minutes or so. Any time I can squeeze in a few more rows is good for me.

I am looking forward to finishing this sweater off. I don't have the dread of finishing that many seem to have - I sort of like the puzzle and watching the thing take shape. (Talk to me after I've done a hundred of these and perhaps I will feel differently.) I've never done anything with raglan sleeves before, and this is particularly neat because it's reverse stockinette (purl side out) for the body, with regular stockinette edging on the raglan parts. So it seems like matching up the seems will be kind of fun that way. Maybe I'm just weird. OK, I know I am weird, but maybe this is a manifestation of said weirdness.

Reading more clinical studies today at work, plus coming up with some ad concepts for a client I know almost nothing about and have almost no direction on. Gotta love that. What better reason to procrastinate with some bloggy fun?

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