Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Foiled again. Grr.

Once again, I didn't make it to Stitch-n-Bitch. This time, I had to cover for another writer in the office who was out today, and a project he was working on went into hell-mode. I was there to do was read it and sign off on it so it could be printed. Should have happened around 4. By 7:30 they realized there was a major problem with the art, and by 7:45 it turned out that it wasn't going t go out tonight for printing unless we worked on it until midnight, and no one wanted to do that so the client was called and we got another day. So, basically, I stayed there until nearly 8pm only to get NOTHING approved, and by the time I left it was too late to make it to Cafe Des Moines in time to do anything other than sit down, knit a few rows and leave. Grrrrr. I am verrrry cranky.

So I stopped at Bruno the Ravioli King on the way home and got lobster ravioli, gnocchi, pumpkin ravioli and tomato-basil-cream sauce. As I paid, I asked the guy if he thought that would be enough for dinner for one. For a split second he thought I was serious, then he cracked up. Hey, at least I haven't lost my sense of humor. Now I'm waiting for sweetie before I eat, because I just don't want to eat alone even though I am hungry. Should be here any minute.

No knitting's going to get done tonight. Poo. What a waste of a day. Oh, well, not totally. I got my nails done in this color (Essie Nail Polish "Pansy") today. Very cheerful nails. Perhaps I will stare at them until I feel better.

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