Tuesday, April 16, 2002

What a beautiful morning! Going to work is so much more pleasant when you step out the door and it's 70 degrees and sunny at 8:30am. I was even in a good mood on the bus, and that's not easy to do.

It seems like another slow day at work. Today I'm reading about a new drug to treat alcohol dependency. Actually it's not new - been on the market in Europe for years, but we're handling the US launch. Interesting stuff. I'd rather be knitting in the park, though.

As advertised, I put down the cardigan last night in order to get some expert advice at Stitch-n-Bitch tonight. I think I know what to do, but why guess when I can get a good answer elsewhere? I started on the blocks but was annoyed with my size 7 straights (I so vastly prefer circs at this point that I can barely handle the straights) that I decided to ditch that and work on the Mom sweater again. Tonight I'll stop at Downtown Yarns before S-n-B and get my sock circs and a size 7 circ. Addi Turbos only - can you tell I just got a decent-sized tax refund?

Great news here for those of you who are dying to see pictures of all this stuff. Ryan's friend Wil has decided to raise some cash by selling his Canon Powershot G1, so Ryan is buying it from him at a great price. That means that for the bargain price of last night's sushi dinner and other favors TBD, I get Ryan's Coolpix 700! It's about 3 years old, so it's not as groovy as the new one, but it's still a 2.1 megapixel and it's what all the other pics I've taken over the past few years are from. All I need to get is a compact flash card reader, since the camera is old enough that it only comes with a slooooooow serial cord connection, which is no faster when I use my USB adapter with it. Anyway, soon there will be many more pictures to prove that betseeee knits!

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