Friday, April 19, 2002

I meant to take some pictures last night of my WIPs, but didn't get around to it. I got my Regia sock yarn and had to start making my socks. You understand, don't you? The awful part was that just as I had finished casting on and dividing my stitches between the two circular needles, Ryan showed up at my place. I hadn't spoken to him all day (a rarity) because he'd been busy editing a video project for school, so I wasn't expecting him.

Anyway, he was in a tired and bummed-out mood, so I tried to cheer him up for a while. Wasn't all that successful, but at least I tried. Once he left I got back to the socks. Whew, it's slow going on those tiny needles, but I am getting the hang of it and now have about 3/4 inch done. Then I switched back to the cardigan, and those #8 needles felt HUMONGOUS!

Also got a few more rows done on the bus this morning. I have gotten better about not having to look at every single stitch, at least with the larger needles. As long as I only look down when the bus is stopped, I think this is a good way to fit in some knitting time on busy days.

Today is another quiet day at the office, and my boss and his boss are both out for the day. So the other writer and I are hoping to get out of here on the early side. I want to hit the gym before running home to clean up a bit for my cousin Rachel, who is coming to town tonight. She's going to stay at my place while I go to Ryan's. It sucks having an apartment so small that I have to do that, but basically it's like a hotel room with a little kitchen thrown in. Not someplace three people can stay comfortably, and I don't want to spend yet another night without my sweetie!

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