Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Made it back to the gym last night, after about 2 weeks AWOL. Felt really good to get moving again! Being sick a few weeks back took so much out of me and it just took a long time to feel good again. Now I'm back to (what passes for) normal.

Finished the back of Mom's sweater last night and started on the sleeve, which I will work on at tonight's Stitch-n-Bitch. Funny, I was doing a sleeve there last week, too. People will think I only make sleeves! I was contemplating trying to do both sleeves at once, as suggested on the knitblogs list, but I didn't want to carry all that yarn and all that (eventual) sleeve with me everywhere, so I am doing them one at a time. I am debating whether to try and finish this for Mother's Day, or save it for her birthday, June 11. I suppose time will decide for me. I'm sort of leaning towards the birthday, just because if I give it now for Mother's Day, anything I give for the birthday will be anticlimactic, don't you think?

I also have to get those baby blocks done soon, as Tracy will be giving birth in the next few weeks, though I won't see her right away. Those are more of a sit at home project, since the intarsia requires chart-reading and concentration, as well as several different colors of yarn, making it (once again) too much trouble to carry around.

I promised photos from the Cherry Blossom Festival last night, and I'm only 12 hours late.

Some of the pretty cherry blossoms - the photos hardly do them justice.

Little fishies in the lily pool (no lilies yet).

The happy couple in the bluebell wood. We're loving the new camera with the variable-angle LCD monitor that swings out so you can take pics of yourself!

The gratuitous kissie shot.

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