Monday, April 29, 2002

Phew, what a morning. At 5pm Friday some hell broke loose on a project here, and we had to clean up the mess and have a "let's be a team again" meeting. This project has been @$%ed for quite a while, though I only got involved a month or so ago, so I mostly listened. I was really impressed that my boss handled it so well - I am so happy to be working for him. I've worked for some awful people in the past (well, nice people, lousy managers) and this is so refreshing!

Kinda pressed for time, so I'll give you the quick summary - cherry blossoms were beautiful, pics to come later tonight. And I finished the lilac cardigan! Well, except for weaving in a few ends and sewing on a button. It looks pretty good, though I think it needs a wash to maybe soften it up a bit. I noticed my swatch of the Summer Tweed was softer and nicer post-washing, so I will probably do that before I take pics and stuff. So, try and be patient and go on with your lives while you anxiously await the photos.

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