Friday, May 03, 2002

Very un-busy at the moment. And I think I have found what I want to make as a baby gift for my cousin Jill, courtesy of Erica's blog: MOO! Although she's making it in blue and white to look like clouds (an idea I love!) I will make it in the regular cow colors. Jill and I independently ended up liking cow print stuff in our kitchens, and I think this will be an absolutely adorable gift. Not to mention something completely different from all the pastel stuff she's bound to receive.

I'm ordering the book and yarn from Apple Laine, which I think I saw mentioned on Shetha's blog a while back. I like the idea of ordering from a real farm. I'm also asking for some samples of the beautiful yarns they show on their site. Sometimes mohair is itchy, so I want to feel theirs before I buy it.

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