Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Lots of fun last night at the Stitch-n-Bitch. Much smaller crowd this week, since the bright lights and TV cameras were not on the agenda. Got to see Carolyn working on a fuzzy pink donut (OK, someone said it was a swatch for a sweater, but we call 'em as we see 'em), and Jackie knitting away at her pretty Kidsilk Haze sweater. Plus I got to meet Deb, who doesn't have a blog at the moment, but I'm sure we'll convince her soon enough. Deb had my favorite story of the week when she told me a few days back that her 3-year-old daughter wanted to meet me because she saw the picture on my blog and thought I was a little girl, too!

I left the cafe and had the good fortune to catch the bus just as it was pulling into the stop across the street. Normally I would walk, but this particular bus happens to go up Avenue A, turn left on 14th Street, and drop my about 100 yards from my apartment. Who could resist? And when I sat down, I had a nice surprise in the form of Diane, the woman who taught my first knitting class! This is not so bizarre, since she teaches at Downtown Yarns, the LYS right near the cafe we Stitch-n-Bitch in. Still, it's always nice to run into friendly faces, particularly on the bus at night.

As for my knitting, I'm just plugging away at the sleeve of Mom's sweater. It feels big. I am having lilac cardigan sleeve flashbacks. Are all Rowan sleeves written big? Do women in the UK have particularly large arms? It's not as though the rest of the pattern is large. On the contrary, they seem to run a bit small, except for the sleeves. I am torn between frogging and sizing it down, and continuing on but checking it out before I make the second one. Am I stupid for giving myself the opportunity to make this mistake twice?! Only time will tell. I've decided this is a birthday sweater, so I am off the hook for finishing it by next Sunday.

And there you have it, today's minutae. Now I have eight clinical studies to read and summarize by the end of the day, and boy am I looking forward to it. We've moved from alcoholic rat studies to alcoholic people studies, so it's slightly more interesting.

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