Thursday, May 02, 2002

Yay! I'm finished with the alcohol studies! Reading and summarizing nine of those things in two days was just not so fun. But at least now I have a really good understanding of them. Ack. And now, the project that I wasn't enjoying working on before this came up has been put on hold, so I have nothing hanging over my head. Yay!

So Marney started a blog, too - go Marney! I thought I had knitted a lot in the past 6 months, for a beginner, but that girl puts me to SHAME! And she looked cute talking about it on CBS this morning, too. Update on that - the boy says he may be able to digitize the video tomorrow.

Still yukky weather. Do I really have to go to the gym? I haven't gained any weight since I slowed down on it. And I am awfully tired. And there is an awfully large pile of summer clothes on my sofa, there since Sunday when I got tired of switching my closets over and disgusted at the sudden cold turn of weather. And I have knitting to do. I'm all into the blocks again, which is good, since the baby they are meant for will be born soon. :-) Given all that, I think I may just go straight home. Sssh, don't tell anyone.

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