Thursday, May 02, 2002

So, I'm not famous yet, but I did catch several glimpses of myself, Carolyn, and Jackie a little while ago on the CBS "This Morning" knitting segment. I was particularly amused by the close-up of my hands knitting the sleeve of my cardigan - boy do I wish I had freshened up that bright pink manicure! The piece was amusing, and maybe it'll recruit some new knitters. I'm going to see if Ryan can digitize the VHS so I can post it somewhere, if no one gets to it before I do.

In other news, I hope the reservoirs are getting some of this rain that we're getting here in the city. Boy is it pouring out there. Luckily (well, no luck about it - shall I say smartily?) I wore my rubber rain shoes, nylon "track" pants (Old Navy), looooong London Fog raincoat and carried an umbrella. So basically the only part of me that really got wet were a few inches of my ankles, and they dry quickly because of the nylon.

I remember that back in high school it was decidedly uncool to use any sort of raingear. Particularly a raincoat or umbrella. So we'd end up like drowned rats at school, even though I only had about a four-minute walk. Looking back on it, I realized an interesting hierarchy of issues here: hair (BIG HAIR) was very important at the time, but apparently was less important than being "cool" in the rain, since the lack of raingear meant the flattening of hair. Interesting, and all exceedingly stupid. I wonder if high school kids are smarter today?

Back to the knitting news. I started off the night thinking I wouldn't do anything, but then got back into the baby blocks and did two more squares on the small block. The sailboat and the flower are the new ones, and have not been blocked or had their ends woven in yet, but I took a quick photo of the four I have completed so far. There's also a sailboat for the large block, but I didn't include that in the picture. Two more to go on the small one, six on the medium, and five on the large. Hmm. Perhaps I should've started on the large one, so it would get easier as time goes on.

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