Friday, May 10, 2002

Hmm, everyone seems to be moving their blogs off blogspot and onto their own domains. Been thinking about doing that myself lately, so perhaps I will join the crowd soon enough.

Not much news here. I finished off the purse for Adrienne, then wrapped it up without taking a picture. Doh! Oh well, when she opens it tonight I will take a snap or two. It came out very cute, though not quite the proportions I wanted. That's what you get for just letting it take shape as it goes along. Next time I'd go a little wider and shorter, but this is still a cute purse.

No other knitting last night. Had a nice night with my sweetie, and fell asleep exhausted around 10:30-45. Still woke up sluggish this morning, though. But the nice weather is perking me up. I think I'll take a longish lunch and maybe buy some new sunglasses.

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