Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Oooh, I am so excited! We just got invited to a surprise birthday party for a friend's 30th, and it's a carnival theme! Party's going to be held at her brother's house (more like "estate" - he's a dotcom millionaire I used to work for, actually) and sounds like a real blast. But the best part is I've decided to make my first foray into really designing something. She really really loves bright colors and crazy flowers and stuff, so I am going to design something with a great flowered intarsia pattern on it. Probably a purse, since I don't really think I can finish all my other stuff and knit a tank or something in time (6/15) and she has odd measurements (skinny girl, HUGE boobs). Maybe a pillow or something, but one pillow seems lonely. So I think a purse would be perfect, and with this girl, would actually get used. It might be flowers on one side, smiley face (another fave of hers) on the other. Either way, it's going to be fu-u-un!

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