Monday, May 06, 2002

What a beautiful weekend! Hardly got any knitting done, but I did get to check out the new yarn store, "Knitting Hands" on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. Nice store, and a great selection of yarns and patterns. Lots of needles and other accessories, too. I was pretty pleased, especially since I will probably be moving to Brooklyn some months from now! The owner wasn't overly friendly, but she wasn't unfriendly either, and seems like she'd be helpful if it's needed or if one becomes a "regular."

I am very conflicted over buying yarn these days. I want to support my LYSs, but their prices are just too high sometimes, especially here in the city. And they don't always have the selection I want, particularly when it comes to color and quantity. For some yarns, like Rowan, I just can't see spending nearly 40% more to buy them locally when I can order them at far less cost online. I think I've decided I will continue to buy needles and stuff locally, and the sort of "basic" yarn - Brown Sheep, etc. that doesn't vary too much in price. And mostly I want to continue to support Downtown Yarns, since that's my "localest" store and where they are so nice to me. I wish I could see my way clear to walk in and drop 100 bucks on yarn for one basic sweater, but even when I can afford it, I hate to do that. Anyone else feel the same way?

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