Saturday, May 18, 2002

Dinner last night with my neighbors Chris and Adrienne was yummy! We went to Roetelle A.G. - a cute little Swiss restaurant not too far from home. Stuffed ourselves silly on fondue - cheese followed by chocolate. Plus 2 bottles of wine and a shot of kirsch to top off the meal. On the way home, Ryan was all rowdy and trying to get us to go out salsa dancing or to a strip club. Chris was in for it, and Adrienne was like "no way, we are SO going home" so I got to be quiet about it and look as though I was up for it but Adrienne wasn't. Kind of a "good cop, bad cop" routine. Of course, the hilarious part to me was that about 10 minutes after we got home, I went to brush my teeth, and found Ryan asleep. Uh-huh. Very rowdy.

This morning is is 46 friggin degrees and raining. Lovely. Plans are to go the MoMA later, as this is the last weekend before they move it to Long Island City until 2005. I hope the rain lets up, because I'm getting the feeling the place will already be crowded, and rain makes the museums even more attractive to most people.

Tomorrow we're going to my favorite street fair - the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival. I'm very excited because we/I have been away during the festival for the past three years, and I have really missed it! Sunday is also the 3-year anniversary of our first date, and the final episode of The X-Files, so it's looking to be an action-packed weekend!

Hmm, given all that, I think I'll take advantage of the boy's comatose state and get some knitting done. I am just about up to shaping the sleeve cap on Mom's sweater.

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