Thursday, August 22, 2002

Another sleepy day. Why do I wake up in the middle of the night so much? I don't drink caffeine, I am not that stressed out, and it's even quiet in my apartment these days because I always have the air conditioner on. It's very frustrating.

No knitting again last night. But I am very much looking forward to this weekend's outing with some of our out-of-town knitting bloggers! I'm sure I will be scouting out yarns for my bridesmaid tops and other fun projects. And Susi is picking me up some of that Artfibers Luna yarn in the purple colorway, so I will get to play with that sometime after she returns. I sense yummy yarns in my near future!

Tonight Ryan is going to some sort of record-release party for a friend of our friend Emma. I'm not sure right now whether I feel like going. On one hand, I (hopefully) don't have to work tomorrow. On the other hand, I've been super-social lately and don't really feel like doing so again tonight. I guess we shall see - I have about 7 hours to decide.

Tomorrow, assuming I have my day off, I want to go to the Barneys Warehouse Sale. In all the years I've lived here, I don't think I've ever been. But I read somewhere (damned if I know where, at this point) that it can be a good place to get bridal shoes on sale. I'm sure there will be tons of groovy non-bridal stuff, too. It can't hurt (except in the wallet) to check it out for all of the above. I figure that if I go early on a Friday, it shouldn't be too terribly crowded and insane. Famous last words, but I'm an intrepid shopper - if I can handle Kate Spade at lunchtime, I can handle this.

In non-shopping but still sale-related news, Ryan received and accepted a bid on his apartment! Assuming everything goes well, we could be moving in 60-90 days. Crazy!

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