Friday, August 23, 2002

Well, it was fun to go the sale with Jackie, and we were very restrained. Actually, it wasn't a very interesting sale. They did have a good number of bridal shoes on sale, mostly Vera Wang and other pricey designer names. I tried on these and found them awful - too witchy-pointy in the toe, and way too high. Not gonna happen. All the shoes were along these lines, so I satisfied myself by buying a cute little purple tank top with some beads on it for 19 bucks.

On the way home I stopped at Kenneth Cole to see his bridey shoes, since I had the chance and who knows when I will again. Turns out he is doing a new collection, so they only had two styles left. These were very comfy, and if the wedding were anytime very soon, I would probably get them. But I really would like something a little strappier, I think. These were surprisingly comfortable given the high heel, but I think I want something a bit lower (like the first pair). The boy at the store said they are going to get a whole new line of bridey shoes in the Fall, and that must be true since they are nowhere to be found on the website, and they used to be right there under women's shoes. I am in no great rush, obviously - I just want to start early because pretty but comfortable shoes are very important to me and very hard to find.

After Ken Cole I stopped at the greenmarket and got some veggies and salad stuff for dinner - I think I'm making pasta with zucchini and/or eggplant, along with a salad. I also got these beautiful roses, because the flower people were selling the whole bunch for ten bucks and I just can't resist. They smell fantastic!

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