Tuesday, August 20, 2002

I was quite the industrious little camper last night! In addition to swatching all nine of my yummy Artfibers yarns below, I finished sewing up the side seams for my Paper Phil tank. Guess what I'm wearing today? Good guess!

Maybe the new top will bring me some luck - I have an interview at another ad agency today. Although I now have a client to work on, I am still not very busy here, and the past few months of "work famine" have made me wary. When the most recent client tanked, I called my headhunter, and this interview came from that call. It's at a competing agency, which is also owned by the same big corporate group that my current agency is owned by. That always strikes me as odd - one big conglomerate owns all these smaller agencies that compete in the same markets. Very weird.

Anyway, although I am not desperate to leave here, there are definitely things that I am not happy with, so I owe it to myself to check out other options, as long as they exist. I had another call yesterday from a different headhunter in Florida. Apparently someone I am currently working with gave her my name and said good things about me. Obviously she can't tell me who it was, and now I am so deadly curious! Things like that always drive me batty. But, I may never know.

Looks like I am not going to Stitch-n-Bitch tonight. Instead I will be joining Jackie and Marney and their out-of-town friend for drinks to celebrate Jackie's birthday! Happy birthday, Jackie! I won't get to knit but at least I will get to show off my new tank a bit. Damn, I should've brought my camera with me - but I think I will have time to stop home and grab it before heading downtown.

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