Monday, August 19, 2002

I can't believe it's Monday already. I can't believe a three-day weekend could pass so quickly, especially considering the ground we covered!

On Friday, Deb took us to her beach club for the day, along with her extremely cute (and bright) daughter Alix. We spent a really lovely day, until we got called out of the water because of an approaching thunderstorm. It got dark and thundered a lot, and we saw some cool lightening, but it never quite did rain there. On the way home we could tell it had poured elsewhere, but somehow we were spared down at the beach. I took some cute pics of Ryan and Alix playing in the sand, but we haven't had a chance to download them just yet.

On Saturday we headed up to Connecticut for a clambake at my former boss Marc's house, where we had a grand old time eating lobsters (well, I ate lobster - Ryan isn't a fan), shrimp, clams, oysters and more. There was another midday thunderstorm - this one included actual rain - and once it cleared a bunch of us headed back into the pool. We ended up going back to my friend (and Marc's sister) Leslie's house, where she, her husband, another friend and Ryan and I stayed up far too late playing Outlaw Golf on the Xbox.

Yesterday was something of a loss, since we got home from CT around 2, and were both completely exhausted. It was ridiculously hot and humid, but I did make it to the Greenmarket and got some canteloupe and peaches, which I am very excited to turn into sorbet, possibly tonight. If I can stay conscious that long!

I did manage to finish knitting the back of my Paper Phil tank and did a three-needle bind-off on the shoulders. I wove in all my ends, too, so all that's left is to sew it together. Maybe that will happen tonight, too.

Not much other knitting news. I am excitedly awaiting my yarn from Artfibers, and can hardly wait to swatch it, especially after seeing the scarf that Deb is knitting using the Luna yarn in Pewter. And how nice is Susi, who showed up to Stitch-n-Bitch for (I think?) the first time last week - she is going to be out in SF later this week and offered to pick me up some yarn if I needed it! What a sweetheart!

Please forgive the lack of cohesion in this entry - I'm still pretty sleepy, partly because of my cat and my mosquito bites. For some reason, both are nocturnal - cat wanted to play at 5am and mosquito bites wanted to itch. Not fun. Now that I've given you that interesting news, I think I will go and pretend to work.

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