Monday, August 19, 2002

My Artfibers yarns came today! I immediately got to swatching. They are all really lovely - I want them all! Here are the swatches to take a peek at (click on the pictures for a larger view). This first one is of the yarns that I am considering for the bridesmaid tops. The Cousteau (sparkly stuff on the bottom) is really pretty, but I think the color isn't quite right - I like it, but I think my girls might not. I wanted the color Venice, which is a pretty blueish one, but they sent a note that it was sold out. :-( The silk yarn (all four other swatches - same yarn, various colors) is really beautiful. I am torn because I like all the colors! The top left looks more orangey than it really is. I think that's another one that I like but the girls probably wouldn't.

These other swatches are other yarns I tried for fun. The Chianti is really nice and soft! So is the Sanskrit. The one called Diva (solid blue) is also really yummy to knit with and to touch - I think those last two would make really nice scarves. I don't think I'd wear a whole sweater of that, but the scarf idea would be nice. And would feel yummy on the neck!

I definitely like Artfibers yarns and the way they do business so far. My swatches came quickly (I ordered them on Thursday), and they were packaged really nicely, wound around those little tags with the name, gauge and fiber content information. Very helpful. I wish I were going to San Francisco like Susi is! I might have to go plan a visit to my brother just so I can have an excuse to go to the store. :-)

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