Wednesday, August 21, 2002

As planned, there was no knitting last night, because I was out with Jackie, Marney, Debbie, Deb, and a bunch of other ladies to celebrate the fabulous Ms. Jackie's birthday. I think she had a good time. She got a very surprising present, which I will let her tell you about, since it just doesn't seem like my place to do so. But we had fun drinks at the Soho Grand, and then good Italian food on MacDougal Street. I got home much later than I expected (11:30) but I'm not too fried today.

I've found some cool stuff by looking at my sitemeter references. I've actually had some work to do and haven't been surfing the knitblogs ring a lot lately, so I haven't seen a lot of the new sites. But today I discovered that - Lizzi has made me her aortal link! I'm honored and flattered - Thanks, Lizzi!

I also found out that I've done a "terrible" thing - I turned Ginger Girl on to Artfibers. I'd feel guilty but who could feel badly about such fabulous fiber? And she has unintentionally returned the favor by posting a recipe for Lavender Lemonade, which is too intriguing not to try.

My most amusing reference has got to be this one - someone in Germany used Google to search for pedicure bitch and guess who came up in the top 10? Am I so bitchy about my pedicures? Actually I just received my order from Bliss which did include their Foot Patrol lotion and a Diamancel foot buffer, so maybe I am a pedicure bitch!

Speaking of being bitchy...I am very jealous of Julie today because she has already received her Fall/Winter Rowan magazine! I have been crossing my fingers every time I open my mailbox since August began, but nothing yet. Best friend and original knitting buddy Leanne hasn't received hers yet, but my guess is they will appear simultaneously and soon. I hope!

After work, I think I am heading over to the
Malia Mills sample sale. She's got cute little bathing suits and stuff, and the sale is supposed to be pretty damn good. I am hoping to find the cute bridal swimsuit or undies there at a bargain price, but I don't know if that's gonna happen. It would be an awfully fun little item for my honeymoon, but I don't think I could bear to buy it at full price.

So here I sit, fully unmotivated to work. I have a project to do but it's very disorganized, the direction is unclear, and there's no real deadline other than "soon." Ugh. Very hard to motivate for that. Instead, I'd rather read knitblogs, wedding porn and daydream. But, I am going to suck it up and write these stupid things - they are big panels to go in a client's booth at a medical convention. Fun fun fun, here we go!

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