Monday, May 13, 2002

Busy, busy as a little bee over here. Mother's Day was nice. First, Ryan and I went down to the lower east side and got the best NYC brunch stuff - bialys from Kossars, lox and cream cheese from Russ & Daughters, and added that to the organic salad I had picked up the day before at the Union Square Greenmarket. Then Mom and Dad came in and we chowed down at my place before heading up to see the 3-D Imax movie, Space Station. Mom is very interested (and knowledgeable about) aerospace stuff, so this was the perfect plan for her. Dad, too, even though it wasn't "his" day. What an amazing movie - the footage from the International Space Station was fascinating, and the 3-D (gotta love those crazy headset/glasses!) really brought the feeling that this is as close as I'm ever going to get to being in space. If you have the opportunity to see this, do it! It puts a really human face on the whole subject and left us all feeling inspired.

I don't think I knit a stitch all weekend, between cleaning and shopping and entertaining Mom. And this morning I couldn't find the sweater sleeve I have been working on! Of course Ryan found it after I had left. But I did bring my sock with me, even though I find it much harder to do that kind of work on the bus. I am getting a pedicure at Bliss tonight, so I figure while my toesies dry I can get some rounds in on that. Since it's rather chilly to wear flip-flops right now, I expect I'll take an extra-long time drying tonight and have more knitting time. Yay!

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