Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Hmm, I just wrote Deb a long note explaining what the Parson's thing was like - should've saved it and pasted it in here! Anyway, what I said was it was very interesting and informative, and I think I've made my mind up.

They really seem to push their certificate program, which is something like 10 courses (6 required, 4 electives) which take an average of 2 years if you can do 2 classes per week including summers. Now, the certificate isn't recognized by any official organization - it's really just a piece of paper to make you feel good and to show that you took all these classes. It's not going to get you a job or clients.

Also, I can't imagine spending the next 2 years taking night classes in floral design. I mean, I know people who spend that much time taking night classes for their MASTERS or other higher degree. Plus it involves spending around $6K, which seems an awfully large investment. It's not like I am an empty vessel needing to be filled up with knowledge - I have my own ideas and a general level of creativity, but I need to know the how-to's and get a bit more inspired + comfortable with the medium.

So, I think I am going to take Fresh Floral Design I in the summer, and then maybe part II in the Fall, and maybe a Weddings and/or Event design class. I am betting that the work I do in those classes, and whatever I do on my own, will help me get a foothold that I can use to maybe get a couple of jobs on the side, while keeping my day job for the foreseeable future. My best friend is a pastry chef who does wedding cakes, so I can see some synergy developing there. Wedding flowers are so damn expensive, and if I can do a nice job and save people some cash, there's a start and a good way to build a portfolio.

So, that's the plan for now. No major leaps. Even the Parsons people say "don't quit your day job" even if you're doing the certificate. So, I think I've got a bit of a plan. The worst that happens is I decide not to do it for pay and I just have a new skill that makes my house more purdy.

No knitting after the info session. We had Korean Barbecue for dinner, then came home and did my laundry. Whoo-hoo! Livin' the high life here!

3 more rows done on the sleeve during my morning bus ride. I better get some concentrated time in and finish this sucker up soon.

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