Thursday, May 16, 2002

My very first thought upon learning this morning that I need to go to an alcoholism drug symposium in Philadelphia next week: "Ooh, that means I can knit in comfort on Amtrak!"

Yes, boys and girls, we have an addict here. Attending a symposium on treating other kinds of addics. Luckily, no one gets hurt by my addiction (OK, occasionally me if I leave my needles on the sofa) and several people actually benefit.

Got back to the sleeve in earnest last night, and am nearly to shaping the sleeve cap. It always irks me how big sleeves seem to be when you're knitting them. And this is even 8 stitches smaller than the original (huge Rowan sleeve) instructions. It just feels like they take forever! Maybe next time I will start with the sleeves!

Very excited over several things. First, we are going to see Episode II tonight! In 1999, when Episode I came out, I wasn't working full-time, so when my cousin Jill called me in the mid-afternoon and said she and her husband had just scored three tickets for that night, I was able to hop on a bus to New Jersey (40 minutes) and go with them. Since then, we decided it was a nice tradition, so we got four tickets for tonight at 7, same theater. My boss is fine with me leaving at 4 - he's a big movie fan himself, though not a Star Wars fan.

I'm also excited about my new shoes!

I've never bought this brand (Born) before, but I highly recommend them. It's like having little pillows strapped to my feet. I got them in red, and have already gotten lots of oohs and aahs from the other ladies in the office.

Also, it's a sunny, warm day and I'm fairly happy with the work I've done this past week, so I am basically feeling pretty darn pleased with the world. Let's hope it continues!

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