Tuesday, May 14, 2002

I must say, Bliss was the nicest pedicure I've ever had. The nail room there is lovely - the walls are painted with tropical blue-green waters fading off into a horizon with a gorgeous blue sky, so as you sit with your feet in the water, you can gaze off into the ocean. And the woman who did my pedicure, Olga, was awfully sweet. She twisted my arm into accepting a plate of snacks (focaccia, olives, cheese, almonds and cucumbers) and a glass of crisp and fruity white wine. I felt tres pampered! Which was extra nice on a really crappy-weather day.

I knit about another 2 inches of sock during my pedicure/drying time, which made me feel extra-productive. Plus all the ladies thought it was so novel that someone was knitting. Though I would imagine Bliss attracts the HYUK crowd, I could be mistaken! Anyway, I have another appointment there in a little over a month (pre-vacation) and I am looking forward to it already!

So the sock is progressing as discussed above. The sleeve got a few more rows on the bus this morning. The baby blocks are sitting waiting for me to have the energy for them again. I may have to whip up something else for Tracy's baby, since these are far more time-consuming than I had expected.

Not going to make it to Stitch-n-Bitch tonight, sadly. I have been considering a (not right-now, but in the next few years) career change, and tonight there is an open house to learn more about the program I'm considering. What I believe I want to do is get into floral design, and Parsons actually has a certificate program, so I want to check it out and possibly take the first class this summer to see if I really enjoy it as much as I think I will.

This move would be a huge change and a ridiculous pay cut (we're talking maybe 1/3 of my current salary to start) so it's not happening anytime too soon, but I'm thinking maybe I could ease my way in with doing stuff on weekends, perhaps for people who are short on budget but want pretty flowers for parties, weddings, etc. Anyway, the boy is going to come with me to the open house, which is awfully nice and supportive of him. And it's at 6 tonight, so no stitching or bitching for me.

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